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Heron food

Source: Heron food The heron spent some time manoeuvring the fish into a position where it could be swallowed. The gunnel was presumably desperately trying to free itself from the grip of the heron, and at one point it succeeded and it fell into the water. The heron was very quick to pick it up again; it was not going to lose this hard-one prize (!) and the fish was quickly swallowed. The heron carried on feeding, but I could not help thinking about the elongated fish slowly dissolving in its stomach! If a God designed this world, He/She/It should have made it such that one creature did not have to die in order for another creature to have a full belly!


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I am a retired entomologist with a background in quarantine pests and invasive invertebrates. I studied zoology at Imperial College (University of London) and did a PhD on the population dynamics of a cereal aphid (Metopolophium dirhodum) in the UK. I spent 5 years with the British Antarctic Survey studing cold hardiness of Antarctic invertebates and 17 years with the Food and Environment Research Agency. My main interests now are natural history, photography, painting and bird watching.

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