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Tigers mating

There is however, no guarantee that the female will be receptive. Females might reject males for a number of reasons; he just might not look right (being a different subspecies perhaps); he might be too small (she may be seeking a large spermatophore produced by a large male); he might not smell right (the sex pheromones and volatile cuticular hydrocarbons); or she may have already mated (1). Bad luck! She indicates her refusal by bending her abdomen in a certain way and flapping her wings.

Source: Tigers mating


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I am a retired entomologist with a background in quarantine pests and invasive invertebrates. I studied zoology at Imperial College (University of London) and did a PhD on the population dynamics of a cereal aphid (Metopolophium dirhodum) in the UK. I spent 5 years with the British Antarctic Survey studing cold hardiness of Antarctic invertebates and 17 years with the Food and Environment Research Agency. My main interests now are natural history, photography, painting and bird watching.

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