Something blue – butterfly wings

There are plenty of blue organisms in the world, but blue is nevertheless the rarest pigment found in nature. Most blue colours are produced by physical effects and are called structural colours. There are no true blue pigment in plants and thus no true blue flowers! There are blue flowers of course, but they produce this colour using modified red…

Pretty little Anthomyiid flies

I am very fond of these tiny little black and white flies, which go by the rather unattractive name of Root-maggot flies. Their Latin family name sounds a bit more appealing: Anthomyiidae. There ar… Source: Pretty little Anthomyiid flies

Berlin Zoo

Like many people, I love going to the zoo, but I am also acutely aware that for many animals confinement must be a torture. The only justification then, for creatures which suffer from being locked… Source: Berlin Zoo

The big decision!

Just 9 days to go to the UK’s EU referendum. Voters are being asked to vote on whether Britain should leave or remain in the European Union. It’s a big decision which will affect the li… Source: The big decision!

Woodlouse lunch

Mr Woodlouse reached for his coat and trundled towards the door. “Shan’t be long love” he said to his wife,  as the little woodlice looked searchingly up at their departing father. “Just popping out to look for some crumbs”. Mr Woodlouse crawled upwards towards the light, all his legs moving in a wave of harmony.…

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A Palmking (Amathusia phidippus palawanus) butterfly which had been pecked right on the eyespot. Also showing the feature at the end of the hind wing – the tornus – with two small black spots, that look rather like eyes. These look a bit like a tiny head, or nose, which might fool predators into thinking that this…