The slings and arrows of cyber space! (a poem)

Source: The slings and arrows of cyber space! (a poem)

The fog of ignorance lies heavy on the land.
Swirling mists of prejudice, dense in places,
Dissipated here and there by pin pricks of wisdom.

Our virtual world alive with chatter,
Twittertwatter, Googledegock and Tumbletalk
Opinions burst like bubbles in the ether.
Connected now across the world,
We see and hear this cyber chatter
Wonder at the noise of millions,
Liking some and hating others,
We stand aghast at the cacophony of comments.

Assaulting our cosy consciousness?
This digital gestalt threatens our stability
Dare we add to this world of cyber banter?
Reaping barbs from scribbling Trolls!

Yet somehow storms of digital opinions,
Swirling winds of views and judgements,
Interspersed by moments of consternation;
Consideration of another view;
Might just blow away some clouds of ignorance,
And lift the fog of prejudice that sits so low.




  1. Hi Ray, just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your poetry. I feel sure that many of your followers, indeed many of the tweeters and googlers, etc. can identify with this. Keep posting and I do hope the words were not generated in response to negative comments, from any source. Trust this finds you well and enjoying life. Warm regards, Dawn and Peter x

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