Hug me, squeeze me! Amplexus.

Mating frogs in swimmingpool in Argentina
Mating frogs in swimming pool in Argentina

Amplexus is a Latin word meaning embrace. The male frog clasps the female in a tight embrace; some literally glue themselves onto their partner. I’m sticking with you babe!


The embrace itself varies: some males grab their partner round the waist; others hold their lady frogs under their armpits; and some – like the passionate poison dart frogs – place the backs of their hands against their lovers throats!

Mating frogs in swimming pool in Argentina
Mating frogs in swimming pool in Argentina

It’s all about hanging on to her until she lays her eggs, which he can then fertilise as soon as they are released. It’s the best place to be if you want to be the daddy!


There’s a wonderful series of illustrations showing all of the weird positions of amplexus in different species of frogs on this website created by the University of Michigan (1).




    • Thank you Laura. There are beautiful aren’t they. I spent ages trawling the web trying to identify this species from Corrientes Province in Northern Argentina. Some species are probably quite variable. I wasn’t able to put a name to them. But not to worry. I don’t suppose they care😊!Regards, Ray

      • They are very beautiful. Even in the top pic, the male and female are so different in color. I love her fat tummy bulging out the side, and his hand in her arm pit… how romantic!

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