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A Palmking (Amathusia phidippus palawanus) butterfly which had been pecked right on the eyespot. Also showing the feature at the end of the hind wing – the tornus – with two small black spots, that look rather like eyes. These look a bit like a tiny head, or nose, which might fool predators into thinking that this is the business end.

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  1. Hi Ray,
    I liked your Antenna article. Did you know I am taking over from Pete Smithers as an editor? I’m after a picture of Grayling courtship (ours i.e. H. semele, not Rock) for a book I’m writing. You don’t by any chance have one I could use (fully credited of course) do you?
    I hope that is well with you.
    Best wishes,
    Richard Harrington

    • Hi Richard,
      I have lots of ordinary Graylings (H. semele), although I havn’t processed them yet, but no courtship; only courtship in the Rock Grayling (H. Alcyone). It’s not easy to get! You have to be there at the right time, but I am hoping to get it this summer in Spain as I know a good site. I can only find one image of courtship (and it’s of a Woodland Grayling) on Google images, other than mine.
      Is your book on Butterfly behaviour? I ask because am writing one myself, not an academic text, but for the intelligent layman in accessible language (with the references as notes). Quite well advanced, although I have not approached a publisher yet!
      Feel free to write to me by email: rcannon992@aol.com. I am also planning to come to the VerralL Supper this year, so hopefully we can have a chat.
      Best wishes,

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