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A Palmking (Amathusia phidippus palawanus) butterfly which had been pecked right on the eyespot. Also showing the feature at the end of the hind wing – the tornus – with two small black spots, that look rather like eyes. These look a bit like a tiny head, or nose, which might fool predators into thinking that this is the business end.

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I am a retired entomologist with a background in quarantine pests and invasive invertebrates. I studied zoology at Imperial College (University of London) and did a PhD on the population dynamics of a cereal aphid (Metopolophium dirhodum) in the UK. I spent 5 years with the British Antarctic Survey studing cold hardiness of Antarctic invertebates and 17 years with the Food and Environment Research Agency. My main interests now are natural history, photography, painting and bird watching.

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  1. Hi Ray,
    I liked your Antenna article. Did you know I am taking over from Pete Smithers as an editor? I’m after a picture of Grayling courtship (ours i.e. H. semele, not Rock) for a book I’m writing. You don’t by any chance have one I could use (fully credited of course) do you?
    I hope that is well with you.
    Best wishes,
    Richard Harrington

    • Hi Richard,
      I have lots of ordinary Graylings (H. semele), although I havn’t processed them yet, but no courtship; only courtship in the Rock Grayling (H. Alcyone). It’s not easy to get! You have to be there at the right time, but I am hoping to get it this summer in Spain as I know a good site. I can only find one image of courtship (and it’s of a Woodland Grayling) on Google images, other than mine.
      Is your book on Butterfly behaviour? I ask because am writing one myself, not an academic text, but for the intelligent layman in accessible language (with the references as notes). Quite well advanced, although I have not approached a publisher yet!
      Feel free to write to me by email: I am also planning to come to the VerralL Supper this year, so hopefully we can have a chat.
      Best wishes,

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